TalkRL Podcast is All Reinforcement Learning, All the Time.

In-depth interviews with brilliant people at the forefront of RL research and practice.

With guests from leading places including MILA, MIT, DeepMind, Berkeley, Amii, Oxford, Google Research, Brown, Waymo, Caltech, Anyscale, and Vector Institute.

Hosted by Robin Ranjit Singh Chauhan.

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Latest Episodes

Marc G. Bellemare

Marc G. Bellemare shares insight on his work including Deep Q-Networks, Distributional RL, Project Loon and RL in the Stratosphere, the origins of the Arcade Learning ...

Robert Osazuwa Ness

Dr. Robert Osazuwa Ness on Causal Inference, Probabilistic and Generative Models, Causality and RL, AltDeep School of AI, Pyro, and more!

Marlos C. Machado

Marlos C. Machado on Arcade Learning Environment Evaluation, Generalization and Exploration in RL, Eigenoptions, Autonomous navigation of stratospheric balloons with R...

Nathan Lambert

Nathan Lambert on Model-based RL, Trajectory-based models, Quadrotor control, Hyperparameter Optimization for MBRL, RL vs PID control, and more!

Kai Arulkumaran

Kai Arulkumaran on AlphaStar and Evolutionary Computation, Domain Randomisation, Upside-Down Reinforcement Learning, Araya, NNAISENSE, and more!

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