TalkRL Podcast is all Reinforcement Learning, all the time.

In-depth interviews with brilliant people at the forefront of RL research and practice.

With guests from leading places including MILA, MIT, DeepMind, Berkeley, Amii, Oxford, Google Research, Brown, Waymo, Caltech, Anyscale, and Vector Institute.

Hosted by Robin Ranjit Singh Chauhan.

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Natasha Jaques 2

Hear about why OpenAI cites her work in RLHF and dialog models, approaches to rewards in RLHF, ChatGPT, Industry vs Academia, PsiPhi-Learning, AGI and more!  Dr Natash...

Jacob Beck and Risto Vuorio

Jacob Beck and Risto Vuorio on their recent Survey of Meta-Reinforcement Learning.  Jacob and Risto are Ph.D. students at Whiteson Research Lab at University of Oxford...

John Schulman

John Schulman, OpenAI cofounder and researcher, inventor of PPO/TRPO talks RL from human feedback, tuning GPT-3 to follow instructions (InstructGPT) and answer long-fo...

Sven Mika

Sven Mika of Anyscale on RLlib present and future, Ray and Ray Summit 2022, applied RL in Games / Finance / RecSys, and more!

Karol Hausman and Fei Xia

Karol Hausman and Fei Xia of Google Research on newly updated (PaLM-)SayCan, Inner Monologue, robot learning, combining robotics with language models, and more!

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