TalkRL Podcast is all Reinforcement Learning, all the time.

In-depth interviews with brilliant people at the forefront of RL research and practice.

With guests from leading places including MILA, MIT, DeepMind, Berkeley, Amii, Oxford, Google Research, Brown, Waymo, Caltech, Anyscale, and Vector Institute.

Hosted by Robin Ranjit Singh Chauhan.

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Latest Episodes

Sai Krishna Gottipati

Sai Krishna Gottipati of AI Redefined on RL for synthesizable drug discovery, Multi-Teacher Self-Play, Cogment framework for realtime multi-actor RL, AI + Chess, and m...

Aravind Srinivas 2

Aravind Srinivas, Research Scientist at OpenAI, returns to talk Decision Transformer, VideoGPT, choosing problems, and explore vs exploit in research careers

Rohin Shah

DeepMind Research Scientist Dr. Rohin Shah on Value Alignment, Learning from Human feedback, Assistance paradigm, the BASALT MineRL competition, his Alignment Newslett...

Jordan Terry

Jordan Terry on maintaining Gym and PettingZoo, hardware accelerated environments and the future of RL, environment models for multi-agent RL, and more!

Robert Lange

Robert Lange on learning vs hard-coding, meta-RL, Lottery Tickets and Minimal Task Representations, Action Grammars and more!

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