Marlos C. Machado

Marlos C. Machado on Arcade Learning Environment Evaluation, Generalization and Exploration in RL, Eigenoptions, Autonomous navigation of stratospheric balloons with RL, and more!
Dr. Marlos C. Machado is a research scientist at DeepMind and an adjunct professor at the University of Alberta. He holds a PhD from the University of Alberta and a MSc and BSc from UFMG, in Brazil. 

Featured References 

Revisiting the Arcade Learning Environment: Evaluation Protocols and Open Problems for General Agents 
Marlos C. Machado, Marc G. Bellemare, Erik Talvitie, Joel Veness, Matthew J. Hausknecht, Michael Bowling 

Contrastive Behavioral Similarity Embeddings for Generalization in Reinforcement Learning [ video
Rishabh Agarwal, Marlos C. Machado, Pablo Samuel Castro, Marc G. Bellemare 

Efficient Exploration in Reinforcement Learning through Time-Based Representations 
Marlos C. Machado 

A Laplacian Framework for Option Discovery in Reinforcement Learning [ video
Marlos C. Machado, Marc G. Bellemare, Michael H. Bowling 

Eigenoption Discovery through the Deep Successor Representation 
Marlos C. Machado, Clemens Rosenbaum, Xiaoxiao Guo, Miao Liu, Gerald Tesauro, Murray Campbell 

Exploration in Reinforcement Learning with Deep Covering Options 
Yuu Jinnai, Jee Won Park, Marlos C. Machado, George Dimitri Konidaris 

Autonomous navigation of stratospheric balloons using reinforcement learning 
Marc G. Bellemare, Salvatore Candido, Pablo Samuel Castro, Jun Gong, Marlos C. Machado, Subhodeep Moitra, Sameera S. Ponda & Ziyu Wang 

Generalization and Regularization in DQN 
Jesse Farebrother, Marlos C. Machado, Michael Bowling 

Additional References 

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Marlos C. Machado
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