Eugene Vinitsky

Eugene Vinitsky of UC Berkeley on social norms and sanctions, traffic simulation, mixed-autonomy traffic, and more!
Eugene Vinitsky is a PhD student at UC Berkeley advised by Alexandre Bayen. He has interned at Tesla and Deepmind.  

Featured References 

A learning agent that acquires social norms from public sanctions in decentralized multi-agent settings 
Eugene Vinitsky, Raphael Köster, John P. Agapiou, Edgar Duéñez-Guzmán, Alexander Sasha Vezhnevets, Joel Z. Leibo 

Optimizing Mixed Autonomy Traffic Flow With Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles and Multi-Agent RL 
Eugene Vinitsky, Nathan Lichtle, Kanaad Parvate, Alexandre Bayen 

Lagrangian Control through Deep-RL: Applications to Bottleneck Decongestion 
Eugene Vinitsky; Kanaad Parvate; Aboudy Kreidieh; Cathy Wu; Alexandre Bayen 2018 

The Surprising Effectiveness of PPO in Cooperative Multi-Agent Games 
Chao Yu, Akash Velu, Eugene Vinitsky, Yu Wang, Alexandre Bayen, Yi Wu 

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