Aleksandra Faust

Aleksandra Faust of Google Brain Research on AutoRL, meta-RL, learning to learn & learning to teach, curriculum learning, collaborations between senior and junior researchers, and more!
Dr Aleksandra Faust is a Staff Research Scientist and Reinforcement Learning research team co-founder at Google Brain Research.

Featured References

Reinforcement Learning and Planning for Preference Balancing Tasks 
Faust 2014

Learning Navigation Behaviors End-to-End with AutoRL
Hao-Tien Lewis Chiang, Aleksandra Faust, Marek Fiser, Anthony Francis

Evolving Rewards to Automate Reinforcement Learning 
Aleksandra Faust, Anthony Francis, Dar Mehta 

Evolving Reinforcement Learning Algorithms 
John D Co-Reyes, Yingjie Miao, Daiyi Peng, Esteban Real, Quoc V Le, Sergey Levine, Honglak Lee, Aleksandra Faust 

Adversarial Environment Generation for Learning to Navigate the Web 
Izzeddin Gur, Natasha Jaques, Kevin Malta, Manoj Tiwari, Honglak Lee, Aleksandra Faust 

Additional References 


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